All data presented here are drawn from the most recently available years of the U.S. Department of Education's EDFacts Initiative unless otherwise noted. Click here to learn more about the EDFacts Initiative.


Serena Wright

State Coordinator of Homeless Education and Title I Specialist

Montana Office of Public Instruction

P.O. Box 202501

Helena, MT 59620

Phone: (406) 444-2036



Website: Montana Department of Education EHCY Program


Total number of Local Education Agencies (LEAs) in this state: 482
Number of LEAs receiving McKinney‐Vento subgrants: 26
Total students enrolled in LEAs: 146,252
Percentage of enrolled students who are homeless: 3.2%
Percentage of all people in the state who are below the poverty level1: 11.0%
Percentage of people under 18 years old in the state who are below the poverty level1: 11.5%

       1 Source: US Census Bureau, Current Population Survey,
2021 Annual Social and Economic Supplement

Subgroups of Homeless Children/Youth

Number of homeless children/youth enrolled in public schools who are:

Subgroup TypeSY 2018-2019SY 2019-2020SY 2020-2021
Children with disabilities (IDEA)8759421,098
Limited English Proficient (LEP) students355366580
Migratory children/youth304547
Unaccompanied homeless youth720651484

Note: These subgroups are not mutually exclusive. It is possible for homeless students to be counted in more than one subgroup.

Additional State Data Notes:

Primary nighttime residence was not reported for all students (SY 18-19).

Summary Sheets and Additional Data:

  • Download data from Section 1.9 of the Consolidated State Performance Reports for the state using the drop‐down box.

    Note: Before SY2010‐2011, reading and mathematics assessment data were only collected for students served in LEAs with McKinney‐Vento subgrants. As of SY2010‐2011, these data are now collected for all students enrolled in all LEAs. Enrollment figures prior to SY 2010‐2011 are not comparable to those after and including SY 2010‐2011.
    Note: Figures in these Summary Sheets are based on LEA‐reported data and contain duplicates. These figures may not match the figures presented here.

  • Download a .PDF report of the data presented on this page.
  • Download a spreadsheet of McKinney‐Vento Education for Homeless Children and Youth Actual State Funding Allocations by year for all states.
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Number of Homeless Children/Youth Enrolled in Public School by Year
SY 2018 - 2019 SY 2019 - 2020 SY 2020 - 2021
4,216 4,265 4,670

Note: Includes all enrolled homeless children and youth in grades PK through 12. COVID-19 operations impacted the identification of eligible students. Please use the data with caution.

Percentage of homeless children/youth enrolled in public schools by type of primary nighttime residence
Shelters, transitional housing Doubled‐up (e.g., living with another family) Unsheltered (e.g., cars, parks,campgrounds, temporary trailer, or abandoned building) Hotels/Motels
SY 2018 - 2019 7.9% 73.8% 9.4% 8.9%
SY 2019 - 2020 8% 74.6% 10.3% 7%
SY 2020 - 2021 6.7% 74.6% 10.7% 8%